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Téléchargez votre notice ! Téléchargement gratuit et sans inscription de tous types de documents pour mieux utiliser votre lecteur blu-ray SAMSUNG BD-P1200 : mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, manuel d'instruction. Cette notice a été ajoutée le Mardi 3 Mars 2008. Si vous n'êtes pas certain de votre références, vous pouvez retrouvez toutes les autres notices pour la catégorie Lecteur Blu-ray Samsung.

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Le mode d'emploi lecteur blu-ray SAMSUNG BD-P1200 vous rend service

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Extrait du mode d'emploi SAMSUNG BD-P1200

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

Various wipes, fades and scroll effects may be available on both layers. Player Features Digital Photo Viewer (JPEG) You can enjoy digital photos on your TV. MP3 Playback This unit can play mp3 files from CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/RW/-RAM discs. PLAY MOVIE LANGUAGES SCENE SELECTIONS PREVIEWS HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) HDMI reduces picture noise by allowing a pure digital video/audio signal path from the player to your TV. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Graphic Planes Blu-ray Disc Features HD Video Blu-ray Discs can store 25 GB (single layer) or 50 GB (dual layer) on a single sided disc - about 5 to 10 times the capacity of a DVD. Blu-ray Discs also support the highest quality HD video available in the industry (up to 1920 x 1080 at 40 Mbit/sec) - Large capacity means no compromise on video quality. Furthermore, a Blu-ray Disc has the same familiar size and look as DVD. * The following Blu-ray Disc features are disc dependant and will vary. Appearance and navigation of features will also vary from disc to disc. Not all discs will have the features described below. Menu graphics Support 256 full color resolution graphics and animation, thereby greatly surpassing the capabilities of DVD-Video. Unlike DVD, Menus can be accessed during video playback. Menu sounds When you highlight or select a menu option on a Blu-ray disc, sounds can be heard such as button clicks or a voice-over explaining the highlighted menu choice. Video highlights The BD-ROM format for movie distribution supports three highly advanced video codecs, including AVC, VC-1, and MPEG-2. HD video resolutions are also available: - 1920 x 1080 HD - 1280 x 720 HD Multi-page/PopUp Menus With DVD-Video, playback is interrupted each time a new menu screen is accessed. Due to Blu-ray Disc's ability to preload data from the disc without interrupting playback, a menu may consist of several pages. You can browse through the menu pages or select different menu paths, while the audio and video remain playing in the background. For High-Definition Playback To view high-definition contents in BD discs, an HDTV (High Definition Television) is required. Some discs may require using the player's HDMI OUT to view high-definition content. The ability to view high-definition content on BD discs may be limited depending on the resolution of your TV. [...] · Do not put a flower vase filled with water or any small metal objects on the Blu-ray disc player. · Be careful not to put your hand into the disc tray. · Do not place anything other than the disc in the disc tray. · Exterior interference such as lightning and static electricity can affect normal operation of this Blu-ray disc player. If this occurs, turn the Blu-ray disc player off and on again with the POWER button, or disconnect and then reconnect the AC power cord to the AC power outlet. The Blu-ray disc player will operate normally. · Be sure to remove the disc and turn off the Blu-ray disc player after use. · Disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet when you don't intend to use the Blu-ray disc player for long periods of time. · Clean the disc by wiping in a straight line from the inside to the outside of the disc. · Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. · The Mains plug is used as a disconnect device and shall stay readily operable at any time. Maintenance of Cabinet For safety reasons, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet. · Do not use benzene, thinner, or other solvents for cleaning. · Wipe the cabinet with a soft cloth. Restrictions on Playback · This player may not respond to all operating commands because some BD, DVD or CD discs allow specific or limited operation and features during playback. Please note that this is not a defect in the player. · Samsung cannot assure that this player will play every disc bearing the BD, DVD and CD logos because disc formats may evolve, and problems and errors can occur during the creation of BD, DVD and CD software and/or the manufacture of discs. This player also operates differently than a standard DVD player or other AV equipment. Please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center if you have questions or encounter difficulty in playing BD, DVD or CD discs in this player. Also, refer to the rest of this Manual for additional information on playback restrictions. English - 3 General Features Getting Started Graphic planes Two individual, full HD resolution (1920x1080) video layers are available, on top of the HD video layer. [...]..

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