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Extrait du mode d'emploi PHILIPS SCD148

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

operating range The operating range of the baby monitor is 330 metres/1000 feet in open air. Depending on the surroundings and other disturbing factors, this range may be smaller. Indoors the operating range is up to 50 metres/150 feet. Dry materials Wood, plaster, cardboard, glass (without metal, wires or lead) Brick, plywood Reinforced concrete Metal grilles or bars Material thickness < 30cm/12in < 30cm/12in < 30cm/12in < 1cm /0. 4in Loss of range 0-10% 5-35% 30-100% 90-100% 1 EngliSh Material thickness < 1cm/0. 4in Loss of range 100% Dry materials Metal or aluminium sheets For wet and moist materials, the range loss may be up to 100%. Features adjusting loudspeaker volume 1 Press the volume + or - button on the baby unit until the desired loudspeaker volume for the baby unit has been reached. 0) Note:You only have to adjust the baby unit volume when you use the talk function (see below). Press the volume + or ­ button on the parent unit until the desired loudspeaker volume for the parent unit has been reached (Fig. Note: If the volume is set to a high level, the units consume more power. Talk function You can use the TALK button on the parent unit to talk to your baby (e. to comfort your baby). 1 Press and hold the TALK button and talk clearly into the microphone from a distance of 150cm/6-1in (Fig. , The green LINK light starts flashing. Release the TALK button when you have finished talking. Sound level lights The parent unit continuously monitors the sound level in your baby´s room and the sound level lights let you know if there is any activity. If your baby cries, you see the sound level lights light up on the parent unit. - As long as the baby unit does not detect a sound, all sound level lights on the parent unit are out. - When the baby unit picks up a sound, one or more sound level lights on the parent unit go on. The number of lights that go on is related to the loudness of the sound picked up by the baby unit. [...] 4 Do not attempt to recharge batteries provided with or identified for use with this product that are not intended to be charged. The batteries may leak corrosive electrolyte or explode. 5 Do not attempt to rejuvenate the batteries provided with or identified for use with this product by heating them. Sudden release of battery electrolyte may occur, causing burns or irritation to eyes or skin. 6 If and when necessary, the batteries must be replaced with identical new ones from the same manufacturer. If a battery to be replaced is connected with other batteries in series, it is recommended that the other batteries be replaced with new ones at the same time. 7 Reverse polarity installation of the batteries in the end product must be avoided. Reverse insertion of batteries can cause charging, and that may result in leakage or explosion. 8 Remove batteries from this product if you store the product over 30 days because the batteries could leak and damage the product. 9 Discard `dead' batteries as soon as possible since `dead' batteries are more likely to leak in a product. If a battery has leaked or vented, it should be replaced immediately using protective gloves. 10 Do not store this product, or the batteries provided with or identified for use with this product, in high-temperature areas. Batteries that are stored in a freezer or refrigerator for the purpose of extending shelf life should be protected from condensation during storage and defrosting. Batteries should be stabilized at room temperature prior to use after cold storage. 11 If your product uses rechargeable batteries, charge the batteries only in accordance with the instructions and limitations specified in the user manual...

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