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Téléchargez votre notice ! Téléchargement gratuit et sans inscription de tous types de documents pour mieux utiliser votre epilateur PHILIPS HP3616 : mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, manuel d'instruction. Cette notice a été ajoutée le Samedi 12 Décembre 2007.

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Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

Duration of treatment The duration of the treatment depends on the person to be treated and the type of application. Practice has shown that a few short treatments (e. 2 x 15 minutes) a day will produce a better result than one single longer treatment (e. 1 x 30 minutes). Cosmetic applications After you have removed all make-up, the pores in the skin will open up as a result of the infrared radiation, allowing better cleaning of the skin. Creams or other skin care products are absorbed better and more quickly by the skin as a result of infrared radiation, which increases their effectiveness. The Infraphil will also help keep your skin healthy and clean because of its stimulating effect on the blood circulation. Cord storage: fig. Switching the appliance on and off: fig. Cleaning and maintenance The appliance can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with some distilled water or alcohol. Allow the lamp to cool down and unplug the appliance before you start cleaning it. The bulb must be replaced by an identical Infraphil bulb (Philips PAR 38 E, 150W). Replacing the mains cord If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it may only be replaced by Philips or an authorised Philips service centre, as repair requires special tools and/or parts. Die Wirkung von Infraphil Die Infrarot-Strahlen der Infraphil-Lampe dringen tief in die Haut ein. Die Strahlung wärmt die Haut, erweitert die Blutgefäße und regt auf diese Weise den Blutkreislauf an. Das Blut befördert Substanzen, die für den Aufbau und die Ernährung der Haut unerläßlich sind und beschleunigt zugleich den Abtransport der Abbauprodukte. Die Wärme erweitert auch die Poren der Haut. Durch diese Eigenschaften ist Infraphil äußerst nützlich für die therapeutische und die kosmetische Anwendung. Therapeutische Anwendung Mit Infrarot können sowohl Muskelschmerzen (Abb. 3 und 4) wie (leichte) Erkältungen behandelt werden (Abb. Bei Schwellungen und Entzündungen ist die Anwendung von Infrarot nicht angebracht. Wärme könnte dann die Beschwerden verschlimmern. Fragen Sie im Zweifelsfall Ihren Arzt. Sollte sich nach 6 bis 8 Anwendungen keine Besserung einstellen, so brechen Sie die Infrarot-Anwendung ab, und konsultieren Sie Ihren Arzt. Die Anwendung des Geräts Halten Sie bei der Behandlung von Muskelschmerzen einen Abstand zur Lampe ein, die von der behandelten Haut als angenehm empfunden wird. Im allgemeinen sind das ca. [...] Grazie all'uso dei raggi infrarossi, le creme e gli altri prodotti per la cura del viso verranno assorbiti meglio e più rapidamente dalla pelle, aumentando la loro efficacia. Grazie al suo benefico effetto stimolante sulla circolazione sanguigna, l'Infraphil vi aiuterà a mantenere più sana e più pulita la pelle. Come riporre il cavo: (fig. 7) Come accendere e spegnere l'apparecchio: fig. 8 Pulizia e manutenzione L'apparecchio può essere pulito con un panno inumidito con poca acqua distillata o alcool. Lasciate raffreddare la lampada e togliete la spina dalla presa prima di pulirla. La lampadina può essere sostituita con una lampadina Infraphil dello stesso tipo (Philips PAR 38 E, 150W). Sostituzione del cavo di alimentazione Qualora il cavo d'alimentazione dell'apparecchio risulti danneggiato, è importante che venga sostituito solo da personale autorizzato Philips, in quanto l'operazione richiede utensili di lavoro e/o pezzi di ricambio particolari. Questo apparecchio è conforme alla normativa MDD 93/42/EEC per gli apparecchi medicali. HP 3616 The effect of the Infraphil The Infraphil produces infrared radiation which penetrates deeply into the skin. The radiation heats the skin, dilating the blood vessels and thus stimulating the blood circulation. The blood transports the substances necessary for rebuilding and nourishing the body's tissues more rapidly, while at the same time waste substances are removed more quickly. The heat will also cause the pores in the skin to open up. These properties make the Infraphil extremely suitable for therapeutic as well as cosmetic application. Therapeutic applications Infrared radiation can be used to treat muscular pains (fig. 3 and 4) and (common) colds (fig. The appliance may not be used if you have a swelling or an inflammation. In these cases, warmth could aggravate the complaints. If in doubt, consult your doctor. If there should be no improvement after 6-8 treatments, stop using the appliance and consult your doctor. Distance and beam adjustment During treatment of muscular pains, the distance between the lamp and the area to be treated must be such that the heat feels comfortable on the skin. This distance will usually be approx. 30 cm (12"). During treatment of colds, the distance between the face and the appliance must be approx. 50 cm (20"). [...]..

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