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Téléchargez votre notice ! Téléchargement gratuit et sans inscription de tous types de documents pour mieux utiliser votre fer à repasser PHILIPS GC3320 : mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, manuel d'instruction. Cette notice a été ajoutée le Mardi 2 Février 2012. Si vous n'êtes pas certain de votre références, vous pouvez retrouvez toutes les autres notices pour la catégorie Fer à repasser Philips.

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Extrait du mode d'emploi PHILIPS GC3320

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

Problem Water droplets drip onto the fabric during ironing. Possiblecause The temperature dial has been set to a temperature that is too low for steam ironing. You have put an additive in the water tank. You have not closed the cap of the filling opening properly. Solution Set an ironing temperature that is suitable for steam ironing (temperature settings 2 to MAX). Put the iron on its heel and wait until the amber temperature light goes out. Rinse the water tank and do not put any additive in the water tank. Press the cap until you hear a click. 1 Makesuretheapplianceisunplugged. 2 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0. 3 Fillthewatertanktothemaximumlevel. Donotpourvinegarorotherdescalingagentsinthe watertank. 4 SetthetemperaturedialtoMAX. 5 Putthemainspluginanearthedwallsocket. 6 Unplugtheironwhenthetemperaturelightgoes out. 7 Holdtheironoverthesink,pressandholdthe , Calc-Cleanbuttonandgentlyshaketheirontoand fro(Fig. Steamandboilingwatercomeoutofthesoleplate. Impuritiesandflakes(ifany)areflushedout. waterinthetankhasbeenusedup. containsalotofimpurities. Flakes and impurities come out of the soleplate during ironing. The temperature light flashes red (specific types only). Water drips from the soleplate after the iron has cooled down or has been stored (specific types only) The iron does not produce a steam boost. Hard water forms flakes inside the soleplate. Use the Calc-Clean function one or more times (see chapter `Cleaning and maintenance', section `Calc-Clean function'). Move the iron slightly to deactivate the automatic shut-off function. The red auto-off indication of the temperature light goes out. Always set the steam control to position 0 and empty the water tank after use. Store the iron on its heel. 8 ReleasetheCalc-Cleanbuttonassoonasallthe 9 RepeattheCalc-Cleanprocessiftheironstill After the Calc-Clean process The automatic shut-off function has switched off the iron (see chapter `Features'). You have put the iron in horizontal position while there was still water in the water tank. 1 Puttheplugbackintothewallsocketandletthe ironheatuptoletthesoleplatedry. 2 Unplugtheironwhenthetemperaturelightgoes 3 Movetheirongentlyoverapieceofusedclothto removeanywaterstainsthatmayhaveformedon thesoleplate. Storage 4 Lettheironcooldownbeforeyoustoreit. 1 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0,removethe plugfromthewallsocketandlettheironcool down. facility(Fig. [...] 7) 1 - 2 for moderate steam (temperature settings 2 to 3) 3 - 4 for maximum steam (temperature settings 3 to MAX) Note: If the amber temperature light does not go on after you move the iron, the soleplate still has the right temperature and the iron is ready for use. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning Note:The iron starts to produce steam as soon as it has reached the set temperature. Note: If the selected ironing temperature is too low (MIN to 2), water may drip from the soleplate (see chapter `Features', section `Drip stop'). Ironing without steam 1 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0,removethe plugfromthewallsocketandlettheironcool down. 2 Wipeflakesandanyotherdepositsoffthe soleplatewithadampclothandanon-abrasive (liquid)cleaningagent. 1 Setthesteamcontroltoposition0(=no steam)(Fig. Tokeepthesoleplatesmooth,avoidhardcontactwith metalobjects. Neveruseascouringpad,vinegaror otherchemicalstocleanthesoleplate. 2 Settherecommendedironingtemperature(see chapter`Preparingforuse',section`Settingthe temperature'). Features Spray function You can use the spray function at any temperature to moisten the article to be ironed. This helps remove stubborn creases. 3 Cleantheupperpartoftheironwithadampcloth. 4 Regularlyrinsethewatertankwithwater. Empty thewatertankafteryouhaverinsedit(Fig. Double-Active Calc System (specific types only) The Double-Active Calc System consists of an Anti-Calc tablet inside the water tank combined with the CalcClean function. 1 The Anti-Calc tablet prevents scale from clogging the steam vents. This tablet is constantly active and does not need to be replaced (Fig. 2 The Calc-Clean function removes the scale particles from the iron. Calc-Clean function Use the Calc-Clean function once every two weeks. If the water in your area is very hard (i. when flakes come 2/9 1 Removeanysticker,protectivefoilorplasticfrom thesoleplate(Fig. Preparing for use Filling the water tank Donotputperfume,vinegar,starch,descalingagents, ironingaidsorotherchemicalsinthewatertank. Before first use 1 Makesurethatthereisenoughwaterinthewater tank. 2 Pressthespraybuttonseveraltimestomoistenthe articletobeironed(Fig. 1 Makesuretheapplianceisunplugged. [...]..

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