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Extrait du mode d'emploi BRITAX CHAPERONE

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

6 Stroller is now in position to stand on it's own or be carried and lifted by the folding strap for easy placement in vehicle or for storing. 12 13 Operating Instructions Infant Carrier Mode Infant Carrier Mode (Cont. ) 6 Operating Instructions Child tray must be attached and locked in the lowered position, and stroller canopy must be attached to secure infant carrier. 1 From back of the stroller and with backrest in upright position (pg. 23) rotate both infant carrier attachment tabs to the upright position. 2 3 From the front of the stroller, unbuckle the main harness buckle. Unsnap the backrest carrier flap from the lower end of the seat back and fold it up. 4 Secure flap with toggle and loop, making sure that the harness is stored behind flap when it is secured. 5 Lower the backrest to lowest position to receive infant carrier. 14 15 Operating Instructions Attaching Chaperone Infant Carrier Removing Infant Carrier Operating Instructions 1 2 Set parking brake. Infant Carrier fits as "Rear-facing" (toward the care-giver) only. 3 Lower infant carrier into the stroller until carrier is firmly seated and a click is heard. 1 Adjust infant carrier handle to the locked carrying position. 2 Squeeze release handle and hold while lifting up on carrier. 4 Gently tilt infant carrier toward front to secure front tabs under child tray and secure the infant carrier into the stroller. 5 Pull up on the handle of the infant carrier to ensure that it is secured. DO NOT lift stroller using the infant carrier handle. 16 17 Operating Instructions Returning Stroller to Standard Mode (Standard Mode) Operating Instructions Securing Child & Adjusting Harness 1 With brake applied and infant carrier removed, raise back rest to upright position. 2 Rotate infant carrier attachment tabs to lowered position. 1 2 Lock parking brake and ensure that stroller is NOT in infant carrier mode. Press the child tray release button on either side and rotate tray completely up and away from seat area. Ensure that infant carrier tabs have been lowered before allowing child to sit in stroller 3 3 4 18 Fold backrest flap down and snap in place. Ensure harness straps are properly adjusted and are not twisted. Fit harness around child and adjust each strap securely around child by sliding the adjustment clips up or down. [...] Parent Tray Child Tray Hinge Covers 1 2 6 Line up the mounting clips on both sides of the tray with the framemounted brackets located between the handle of the stroller. Guide the tray down until a click is heard and the tray locks into place. 1 2 Position child tray above the mounting brackets located at the end of each arm rest. Slide the tray down until both sides lock in place. A click will be heard when tray engages brackets. 4 Attach hook-and-loop fasteners With the stroller unfolded, connect the 2 hooks to the outside of the frame then and snaps around the back of lay the hinge cover over the hinge and the seat. fasten the 2 snaps. 7 Assembly Storage Basket Unfolding Operating Instructions 1 Insert the end of the basket support bar into the basket support mounts until they snap into place. Depress button while inserting. 2 Wrap the hook and loop fasteners, located on the bottom of the storage basket, around the rear cross-bar of the stroller. 1 From to the right side of the stroller, depress chassis lock release button and unfold frame. 2 Unfold frame until it locks into place. 3 Thread the front hook and loop straps through the support tabs and press them together firmly to fasten. NOTE: Raise the leg rest for easier attachment. 3 8 Lower child tray (or both armrests if tray is not attached) until locked into place. 4 Raise storage basket arm to secure items placed in under-seat storage. 9 Operating Instructions Chaperone Stroller Unfolded Parking Brake To Apply Brake: Step on brake lever until a click is heard and indicator window turns red. This locks both rear wheels. To Unlock Brake: Step on brake lever until a click is heard and indicator window turns green. 10 11 Operating Instructions Folding Chaperone Stroller Folded Operating Instructions 1 2 Apply brake and remove child other items from stroller. Pull lever on front of child and raise completely. If child is removed, push tabs under armrests and raise. and tray tray the 3 With nothing attached to the armrests, pull plungers to raise. 4 From the front or side of the stroller, lift release strap on seat and pull upward until stroller is completely folded and chassis lock is engaged. 5 When chassis lock engages you will hear a click(s). [...]..

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