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Téléchargez votre notice ! Téléchargement gratuit et sans inscription de tous types de documents pour mieux utiliser votre AEG-ELECTROLUX Z5551 PETROL BLUE : mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, manuel d'instruction. Cette notice a été ajoutée le Lundi 1 Janvier 2008.

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Le mode d'emploi AEG-ELECTROLUX Z5551 PETROL BLUE vous rend service

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Extrait du mode d'emploi AEG-ELECTROLUX Z5551 PETROL BLUE

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

C) Insert new dust bag by sliding the bag slots into the holder. Close cover. We recommend the dust bag is changed: * after using a carpet cleaning powder * if there is a bad smell from the cleaner, then you should also change/clean the filter Note: Use only Electrolux original dust bags (ref. E54A) and filters: Washable, reusable HEPA filter (ref. EF25a) Dust bag safety device To avoid damaging the cleaner, do not use it without a dust bag. A safety device is fitted which prevents the cover closing without a dust bag. Do not attempt to force cover shut. Changing/Cleaning the filters Never use the cleaner without the filters in place. The Motor Protection filter should be changed twice a year for normal usage. To change Motor Protection filter: D) Open the cleaner cover. E) Remove filter and covering strip. F) Important: Insert new filter with original covering strip securely in place. Close cover. 2 The HEPA filter should be cleaned when indicator light is on. To clean the HEPA filter: G) Open the filter cover and remove filter unit. H) Rinse the inside (dirty side) of the filter unit under warm tap water only. Do not use cleaning agents and avoid touching the delicate filter surface. Tap the filter frame to remove excess water. Repeat cleaning procedure four times and allow the filter to air dry. The original filtering performance is now restored. Replace the unit back into the cleaner and close cover ensuring it is properly fastened. 14 15 16 17 18 19 Troubleshooting 1. Power: If the electric power does not come on, disconnect from mains and check plugs, cable and fuses where appropriate. Blockage/dirty filters: The cleaner may switch itself off in event of severe blockage or excessively dirty filters (overheat indicator will flash). In such cases, disconnect from mains and allow to cool for 30 minutes. Clear blockage and/or replace filter(s) and restart. The clearing of blocked hoses is not covered by the guarantee. To avoid blockages and maintain suction efficiency, the floor nozzles should be cleaned regularly using the hose handle. Please see additional Electrolux information towards the back of this booklet. Water: If water is sucked into the cleaner the motor must be changed at an Electrolux Service Centre. Batteries: Change the batteries in the Remote control handle when flat. We recommend alkaline batteries. NB Do not throw the batteries among other rubbish. [...] Reduce suction power for loose rugs. Hard floors: Use floor nozzle with lever in this position. Using Power nozzle 5561 Getting started Check the dust bag is in place. Insert hose until catch clicks to engage (press catch to release). Extend cable and connect to mains. Move foot pedal forward to reel cable in/out as required. Move foot pedal back to lock extended cable in place. Press foot pedal to rewind (please hold the plug to prevent it striking you). Press on/off foot pedal to activate cleaner. Press +/- buttons to adjust suction control (insert batteries first). Note: Do not leave the cleaner connected to the mains. 6 5 6 11 12 13 Precautions: Only use nozzle on carpets with a pile depth under 15 mm. Do not use on animal skins or rugs with long fringes. To avoid damaging your carpet, do not keep nozzle stationary whilst brush is rotating. Do not pass nozzle over mains cable and switch off nozzle immediately after use. Attach power nozzle 5561 to tubes. Connect power nozzle plug to power outlet on cleaner and use clips to secure cable to tube and hose 5561. Power nozzle is activated by starting the cleaner 5561. For healthier homes Cleaning Power nozzle 5561 Disconnect from mains and remove entangled threads from nozzle by snipping threads with scissors. Insert screwdriver to remove nozzle cover. Remove brush cylinder and supports. Clean as necessary and replace. To clean wheels, gently lever them from their mountings. Replace cover ensuring it is properly fastened. Using combination nozzle/brush Use in position shown for cleaning upholstery. Use in position shown for dusting. Attach to hose handle for storage. Dust bag indicator and changing the dust bag The dust bag should be changed when full. The dust bag indicator window will light up when full. If the dust bag should accidentally get broken in the cleaner, take cleaner to Electrolux Service Centre for cleaning. To check the dust bag, the cleaner must be switched on, with all attachments connected and off the floor. The dust bag full indicator may signify that the bag is blocked (occasionally caused by very fine dust) which will cause loss of suction and may result in overheating. If this occurs change the dust bag even if it is not full. To change the dust bag: A) Open the cleaner cover. [...]..

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