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Extrait du mode d'emploi AEG-ELECTROLUX Z5530 RUBY RED

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

Insert hose until catch clicks to engage (press catch to release). Attach telescopic tube 5510 to hose handle. Attach telescopic tube 5510 to floor nozzle (to disconnect twist and pull apart). Extend the cable and connect to mains. The cleaner is fitted with cable rewind. Press foot pedal to rewind (please hold the plug to prevent it striking you). k Getting the best results v u Using Carpet/Hard floor nozzle Carpets: Use floor nozzle with lever in this position. Reduce suction power for loose rugs. Hard floors: Use floor nozzle with lever in this position. For healthier homes 45 2 6 Using Turbo nozzle 5540 Precautions: Only use nozzle on carpets with a pile depth under 15 mm. Do not use on animal skins or rugs with long fringes. To avoid damaging your carpet, do not keep nozzle stationary whilst brush is rotating. Do not pass nozzle over mains cable and switch off nozzle immediately after use. 14 15 Attach turbo nozzle 5540 to tubes. Note: Suction can also be regulated on turbo nozzle by opening/closing air vent 5540. Cleaning Turbo nozzle 5540 Disconnect from mains and remove entangled threads from brush by snipping threads with scissors. Open cover to remove any debris from inside nozzle. Dust bag indicator and changing the dust bag The dust bag should be changed when full. 5505/10/15/20/22/25/28 the dust bag indicator window will turn red when filling and completely red when full. 5530/33/35/36/40 the dust bag indicator window will light up when full. If the dust bag should accidentally get broken in the cleaner, take cleaner to Electrolux Service Centre for cleaning. To check the dust bag, the cleaner must be switched on, with all attachments connected and off the floor. The dust bag full indicator may signify that the bag is blocked (occasionally caused by very fine dust) which will cause loss of suction and may result in overheating. If this occurs change the dust bag even if it is not full. To change the dust bag: A) Open the cleaner cover. B) Pull the sliding tab to remove the dust bag. [...] 7 8 9 C BBack D E F G H I KTool L M B Dust bags Tools for your Vacuum Cleaner Telescopic tube 5510 Saver® tubes 5505/15/20/22/25/28/30/33/35/36/40 Using the Back Saver ® tubes The Back Saver® tubes have been designed for use in different positions: General Cleaning & Cleaning Under Low Furniture. 10 Before you start please note the position of the tubes and catches as indicated in the diagrams. Attach the larger tube A to the hose handle and the smaller tube B to the floor nozzle until the catches click to engage. Attach tubes A+B together until the catch clicks to engage. Use the tubes in this position for general cleaning. To change position, push the catch on the smaller tube B and turn smaller tube B through a half circle until the catch clicks to engage. Now simply turn the rotary head of the nozzle through a half circle. Use the tubes in this position for cleaning under low furniture. This position can also be used for cleaning hard to reach places such as on top of wardrobes and bookshelves. Hose handle Carpet/hard floor nozzle Turbo nozzle 5540 Crevice nozzle Upholstery nozzle Dusting brush holder 13 13a 12a 11 12 * Ensuring your safety The cleaner is for domestic use only and has been designed to ensure maximum safety and performance. Please follow these simple precautions: The cleaner is double-insulated so it must not be earthed The cleaner is only to be used by adults. Young or infirm persons should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance Always store in a dry place Do not use to pick up liquids Avoid sharp objects Do not pick up hot cinders or lighted cigarette ends A B C D E F G N O P Q R S T U W 1 2 3 4 5 Do not use near flammable gases H Avoid tugging on the mains cable and check cable regularly for damage Note: Do not use cleaner with a damaged cable. [...]..

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