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Notice réfrigérateur AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G29820

Téléchargez votre notice ! Téléchargement gratuit et sans inscription de tous types de documents pour mieux utiliser votre réfrigérateur AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G29820 : mode d'emploi, notice d'utilisation, manuel d'instruction. Cette notice a été ajoutée le Mardi 5 Mai 2011.

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Le mode d'emploi réfrigérateur AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G29820 vous rend service

Cliquez sur le bouton orange pour lancer le téléchargement du mode d'emploi AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G29820. La notice AEG-ELECTROLUX est en Français.
Le téléchargement peut durer plus d'une minute, la notice fait 2765 Ko.

Extrait du mode d'emploi AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G29820

Les instructions détaillées pour l'utilisation figurent dans le Guide de l'utilisateur.

This is correct. · When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being pumped around and you will hear a whirring sound and a pulsating noise from the compressor. This is correct. 8 electrolux · The thermic dilatation might cause a sudden cracking noise. It is natural, not dangerous physical phenomenon. This is correct. Hints for energy saving · Do not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. · If the ambient temperature is high and the Temperature Regulator is set to low temperature and the appliance is fully loaded, the compressor may run continuously, causing frost or ice on the evaporator. If this happens, set the Temperature Regulator toward warmer settings to allow automatic defrosting and so a saving in electricity consumption. Hints for freezing To help you make the most of the freezing process, here are some important hints: · the maximum quantity of food which can be frozen in 24 hrs. is shown on the rating plate; · the freezing process takes 24 hours. No further food to be frozen should be added during this period; · only freeze top quality, fresh and thoroughly cleaned, foodstuffs; · prepare food in small portions to enable it to be rapidly and completely frozen and to make it possible subsequently to thaw only the quantity required; · wrap up the food in aluminium foil or polythene and make sure that the packages are airtight; · do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to touch food which is already frozen, thus avoiding a rise in temperature of the latter; · lean foods store better and longer than fatty ones; salt reduces the storage life of food; · water ices, if consumed immediately after removal from the freezer compartment, can possibly cause the skin to be freeze burnt; · it is advisable to show the freezing in date on each individual pack to enable you to keep tab of the storage time. [...] · If this appliance featuring magnetic door seals is to replace an older appliance having a spring lock (latch) on the door or lid, be sure to make that spring lock unusable before you discard the old appliance. This will prevent it from becoming a death trap for a child. General safety Warning! Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction. · The appliance is intended for keeping foodstuff and/or beverages in a normal 1) If the lamp cover is foreseen. · · · · · household as explained in this instruction booklet. Do not use a mechanical device or any artificial means to speed up the thawing process. Do not use other electrical appliances (such as ice cream makers) inside of refrigerating appliances, unless they are approved for this purpose by the manufacturer. Do not damage the refrigerant circuit. The refrigerant isobutane (R600a) is contained within the refrigerant circuit of the appliance, a natural gas with a high level of environmental compatibility, which is nevertheless flammable. During transportation and installation of the appliance, be certain that none of the components of the refrigerant circuit become damaged. If the refrigerant circuit should become damaged: ­ avoid open flames and sources of ignition ­ thoroughly ventilate the room in which the appliance is situated It is dangerous to alter the specifications or modify this product in any way. Any damage to the cord may cause a shortcircuit, fire and/or electric shock. Warning! Any electrical component (power cord, plug, compressor) must be replaced by a certified service agent or qualified service personnel to avoid hazard. Power cord must not be lengthened. Make sure that the power plug is not squashed or damaged by the back of the appliance...

Joint pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G2982022,72 € *
22,72 € *
Thermostat pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G298208,12 € *
8,12 € *
Clayette pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G2982013,20 € *
13,20 € *
Poignée pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G298207,33 € *
7,33 € *
Bac pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G2982017,89 € *
17,89 € *
Résistance pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G2982012,34 € *
12,34 € *
Ventilateur pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G2982010,62 € *
10,62 € *
Filtre pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G298205,64 € *
5,64 € *
Ampoule pour réfrigérateur ou frigo AEG-ELECTROLUX EUF G298203,68 € *
3,68 € *
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